RadiciGroup, Distribution Agreement with Duromer for Australian engineering polymers market

Following years of profitable collaboration, the two groups signed a formal agreement for closer synergy


RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, through its company in China, Radici Plastics Suzhou Co, has signed an agreement with Duromer for the distribution of its products in Australia.

We have collaborated with Duromer for some years now,” Alberto Sessolo, general manager of Radici Plastics Suzhou, pointed out. “We have worked well together and have built a relationship of great trust, which we have agreed to expand and make more synergistic. That's why we are entrusting Duromer with the distribution of our materials in the Australian territory. We are confident of their leadership in that market and aware that, together, we will work well as a team to serve strategic sectors such as automotive, E&E, consumer goods and industrial goods".

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, which is building a new plant in China to increase its production capacity, now has an expert partner to promote and sell its products in Australia.

“We are very pleased to continue our relationship with RadiciGroup,” said Andrew Stewart, general manager of Duromer. And we are happy to share our long-standing knowledge of the Australian polymers market, as we are very familiar with the quality of RadiciGroup products and the professionalism of the people we deal with.”



RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is a multinational organization with the capacity to manufacture and supply engineering polymers (based on polyamide, polyester and other materials) around the globe, with the backing of a production and sales network across all continents, as well as research and development increasingly focused on high-performance polymers. The products of the RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers Business Area are primarily used for applications in the following sectors: automotive, electrical & electronics, water management, consumer goods and industrial. In 2020, the business area reported sales of EUR 338 million.

Duromer Products Pty Ltd has been engaged in the production and sale of high-performance engineering polymers and compounds for over 30 years. With its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia, Duromer is well positioned to serve the entire Australian plastics industry. Duromer is recognized for its technical expertise, customized formulations and applications, and supports customers in a wide range of industries, including electrical, automotive, medical, agricultural, recreational, construction and industrial, in general. Duromer has operated a colour and additives masterbatch production plant near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam since 2015, with sales in all of Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. www.duromer.com