RadiciGroup celebrates the 75th anniversary of Tessiture Pietro Radici, a solid growing company

On the occasion of the celebration, Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup, announced a EUR 10 million investment in a new nonwovens production line.

Tessiture Pietro Radici (TPR) – ancestral RadiciGroup company founded in 1941 as a manufacturing company engaged in the production of textiles and today a market leader in the production of spunbond nonwovens (Dylar®) and synthetic grass yarn (Radigreen®) – is celebrating its 75 years in business.
The initiatives for the celebration of this important anniversary include a series of events dedicated to employees and their families, as well as a special publication “Come Tessuto Non Tessuto” [Like nonwoven fabric], which traces the history of the company within a “glocal” economic context. It is a sign of the company’s respect for the people who have always had the ability to evolve, seize new opportunities and promptly respond to an increasingly competitive market – the people who have made TPR a great company.