RadiciGroup at the forefront of safety.

Continued training, plant audits and involvement of all employees are the main actions to maintain high attention on the issue

A new safety training phase involving the executives and managers of RadiciGroup's Italian companies is taking place at the head office (Gandino - BG); a classroom process that began in May 2016 and will end in June 2017, to raise the awareness of about 270 employees on the results achieved so far and the actions that can still be taken to continuously improve the safety record of RadiciGroup plants. As reiterated by President Angelo Radici and Vice President Maurizio Radici in the Group Policy for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (http://www.radicigroup.com/en/sustainability/ethical-guidelines/group-policy), RadiciGroup has always been at the forefront in terms of workplace safety, in line with the guidelines of the annual Sustainability Report. The risk of accidents, unfortunately, is continuously present and for this reason RadiciGroup pays particular attention to prevention. Since 2006, the Group has been pursuing a structured programme of attention to safety which aims to develop a corporate culture in the field of accident prevention. Informational meetings, training days, inspections and audits ad hoc have been organised in recent years in each of the Group's plants, with all employees strongly involved and managers playing an active role, being in direct and daily contact with the employees, supervising the correct technical execution of their work and making sure that all is done in absolute safety. The results have been great; in the last ten years, RadiciGroup has reduced the accident frequency rate in its plants by 68% and the severity index has declined by 69%.