RadiciGroup at Phygital Sustainability Expo in Rome

Commitment for a sustainable fashion industry


RadiciGroup participated in the third edition of PHYGITAL SUSTAINABILITY EXPO, which took place on 11 and 12 July in Rome. The event was focused on the ecological transition of fashion and design brands through technological innovation.

During the “narrated fashion show”, at the archaeological site of the Museo Dei Fori Imperiali, two sustainable garments by RadiciGroup were shown: the first completely recyclable ski suit made with recycled nylon and the Yamamay swimsuit made with polyester yarn obtained from recycling of plastic bottles.

The circular ski suit is the result of the collaboration between two Bergamo-based, best-in class companies such as RadiciGroup and DKB (a company specializing in technical sportswear). It is made of Renycle, a yarn produced by RadiciGroup derived from the recycling of polyamide (nylon), which allows significant savings in terms of energy use, CO2 emissions and water consumption. The padding and the numerous accessories of the ski suit are also made of polyamide: the end result is an almost mono-material garment that significantly facilitates end-of-life recycling. It can be more easily converted into polymers for use in the manufacture of ski boot components and bindings, in addition to applications in the automotive and furnishing industries, or in any other sector requiring the characteristics of high performance polyamides.

The suit, consisting of jacket and trousers, is thus an all-round application of eco-design and circular economy principles to fashion and garment making.

Currently the suit is used by the athletes of RadiciGroup Ski Club, but the model will be part of the new DKB collection, available starting from winter 2022 in sports shops.


Yamamay chose the sustainable polyester yarn Repetable by RadiciGroup, for its new green beachwear proposal, with the aim of combining beauty and sustainability.

Repetable is an innovative polyester yarn obtained through a process of recycling plastic bottles.

Compared to virgin polyester, Repetable allows lower CO2 emissions (-45%), lower water consumption (-90%) and lower energy consumption (-60%), while guaranteeing high performance.

The new lineEdit” by Yamamay, which includes the swimsuit made with Repetable, has already been on the market since the end of last May.


The participation of RadiciGroup in the PHYGITAL SUSTAINABILITY EXPO represents further confirmation of the Group commitment to creating a fashion industry that is increasingly respectful of the environment, thanks to the involvement of all the players in the supply chain, which are most sensitive to sustainability.


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