RadiciGroup at Domotex with dorix® and radilon® staple fibre.

In Hannover, together with its 2015 Radifloor® BCF yarn collection, RadiciGroup is showcasing a more extensive range of dorix® and radilon® staple fibre polyamide 6 and 6.10 products.

RadiciGroup returns to Domotex with a broader portfolio of dorix® and radilon® staple fibre products: raw and solution-dyed PA6 and PA6.10 versions in a vast range of colours and counts. RadiciGroup staple products are made at the Radici Yarn SpA site in Italy and at Radici Chemiefaser GmbH in Germany and are ideal for the contract textile floor covering industry, especially for the manufacture of carpeting and needle-felt carpet for high performance applications where colourfastness and resistance to wear and tear are required.

After a more than satisfactory 2014 for dorix® and radilon® staple fibre in terms of both a stronger product portfolio and market share gain, RadiciGroup is planning to stay the course on higher quality, production flexibility and sustainability. These characteristics, together with excellent customization capability and a varied product offering, have always set the RadiciGroup staple fibre range apart. Collaboration with downstream partners is always of central importance to the Group, as are competence and know-how in the field of synthetic fibre production (from upstream polymerization down to the spinning and processing stages).

Today RadiciGroup is able to bring a more complete and varied range of staple products to the market. Not only PA6 staple in raw and solution-dyed versions, but also eco-sustainable PA6.10 products.