RadiciGroup and Electro-Parts hosted by Macam: successful technologies in the spotlight.

Innovative technologies and materials were the focus of an Open House held on 19 and 20 May at MACAM, a highly esteemed Italian company engaged in the development of custom solutions for the plastics injection moulding market since 1989. Among the attendees of the event at Macam’s headquarters in Turin were RadiciGroup Performance Plastics and its customer and partner Electro-Parts SpA, a leader in the production of a vast range of electric motors for the automotive industry and for home and office automation. 

Hi-tech automation, Cartesian robots made of carbon fibre, high-performance precision moulds and high-speed packaging were some of the themes addressed during the two-day event hosted by Macam at its facilities in Turin. The Open House was organized to highlight and promote the most recent technological innovations and products in injection moulding. “Occasions like this express the philosophy that we strongly advocate in our company,” Roberto Sallemi, president of Macam, stated, “a philosophy that has always led us to promote the latest new state-of-the-art technological solutions and innovative materials to our customers and end users. In an Open House setting, through which we aim to offer real added value to our customers, we can introduce such topics with in-depth technical and scientific information, while meeting face-to-face, building relationships and exchanging ideas.”
In addition to the numerous reports presented, the two days at Macam featured practical demonstrations of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag automatic injection presses. These high-technology Japanese-German machines – for which Macam is the exclusive Italian sales and assistance centre – are used to mould packaging, as well as components for the electrical/electronics, automotive and medical fields. Taking centre stage were the InteElect 100t and ultra-fast El-Exis SP 200t injection presses, which ensure the highest efficiency, precision and control.
“Our choice of Sumitomo electric presses, together with RadiciGroup polyamides, has enabled us to solve many critical moulding issues,” commented Luca Avataneo, plastics manager of Electro-Parts. “We’ve found solutions that are more suitable for our application needs and improve the dimensional stability, precision, and thermal and mechanical characteristics of our moulded parts. This has been made possible by the established relationship between Macam and RadiciGroup, which I would call a real partnership.”
Andrea Panelli, of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Technical Service & Market Development, explained the characteristics and performance of the polyamides used by Electro-Parts to make electric motor components for auto interior ventilation (brush holders): “During the Open House we highlighted Radilon® XTreme, our nylon specialty developed for any application where the continuous-use temperature can reach 230°C. In the specific case of the part moulded by Macam, the use of Radilon® Xtreme means that all the dimensional, mechanical and structural characteristics of a core electric motor part will remain unchanged.”
“Our presence and visibility at the Open House was important,” Mr. Panelli continued, “not only because of the many technical aspects which were brought up, but also the opportunity to share RadiciGroup Performance Plastics’ distinctive and long-standing approach to technological and product innovation with our customers and partners”.