RadiciGroup among the leading players at Performance Polyamides 2016 in Cologne

PERFORMANCE POLYAMIDES 2016 in Cologne offered two days – 8 and 9 June – to meet and discuss the most recent innovations in high-performance polyamides for applications in the automotive, electrical / electronics, medical, consumer goods, construction and industrial sectors. And one of the leading players and supporters at the international conference organized by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI) was RadiciGroup Performance Plastics. Numerous talks focused on new applications and products from the world of polyamides 6, 66 and 46, PPA and resins obtained from renewable-source polymers.

“During this event promoted by AMI, we were able to present and display some specific applications of our products, mainly our Radilon® X-Treme line,” noted Erico Spini, marketing & application development director Europe of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics and a conference speaker. “These specialty nylons have excellent heat resistance during prolonged exposure to hot air at temperatures of up to 230°C. This property is obtained through an innovative polymer matrix and the use of special additives. Additionally, our X-Treme specialties ensure easy moulding and enable the manufacture of plastic parts with excellent surface appearance. Applications can be found in the automotive industry, for instance turbo ducts, as well as in landscape maintenance equipment, where our polyamides can be used to manufacture parts for lawn mowers, chain saws and brush cutters.”
RADILON® X-TREME… Melting temperature, 280°C (+ 20°C compared to PA6.6) – Glass transition temperature, 90°C (+ 20°C compared to PA6.6) – Moisture absorption at saturation, 7% (- 25 % compared to PA6.6).
What is the next event for high-performance polyamides? SMART PLASTICS! RadiciGroup Performance Plastics is one of the supporters of SMART PLASTICS, two days entirely devoted to high-performance polymers to take place in Milan on 28 and 29 June. What is RadiciGroup’s focus? Polyamides with special characteristics and advanced calculation support as a winning combination for metal replacement.