RadiciGroup's non woven spunbond: Dylar® specialities at Index.

1981-2014: INDEX 14, the 11th edition of the triennial world’s leading non woven spunbond exhibition, is returning to Geneva, Switzerland.

In this perfect venue, the latest developments and the most innovative technologies in the field will be on display to the public from 8 to 11 April 2014. More than 12,000 visitors are expected to attend. At this important event, RadiciGroup will be represented by its ancestral production company Tessiture Pietro Radici, which is exhibiting its range of Dylar® non woven spunbond, with a special attention on:

-      ANTI UV e UV PLUS

The functional properties of Dylar® specialties make them ideal for applications in the automotive, filters, roofing, furnishings, agricultural and HORECA industries, as well as for protective and single-use items.
One of Dylar® specialties showcased during Index?  Dylar® FR. From roofing to automotive, furnishings and filters, Dylar® non woven spunbond with halogen-free flame retardant additives ensure maximum reliability and quality while complying with the strictest safety regulations.

“In collaboration with our customers, we develop flame retardant solutions for all needs,” said Marianna Panico, of Tessiture Pietro Radici R&D. “We customize Dylar® functionalities to specific customer requirements. In our FR target markets, non woven spunbonds are a semi-finished product, which our customers process and assemble differently from one another depending on their final applications. We can tailor the semi-finished product by developing the best solution in terms of quality, performance and price for each specific use.”

More detailed information concerning Dylar® specialties on the PRESS RELEASE