“Production Chain” Environmental Product Declarations …

The RadiciGroup Performance Plastics Business Area has strengthened its EPD management system and is now even more available to assist its customers.

Anticipating the Circular Economy action plan that the European Union has been implementing, RadiciGroup started the “cascading” certification of the environmental impact of its polyamide production chain: first, introducing production chain Product Category Rules (PCRs), then Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for engineering plastics and yarns, and finally applying Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) impact testing and calculation methods to the base polymer.
Using the Life Cycle Thinking approach – and not monitoring alone – to further the evolution of the market, which is becoming increasingly more oriented towards choosing products and production processes with a smaller environmental footprint, as the strong European commitment to GPP (Green Public Procurement) confirms. RadiciGroup keeps an eye on this trend by participating actively both at the domestic and international level in defining the technical standards of products through trade associations (Federchimica and Plastics Europe) and standards setting bodies (UNI-ISO). Responsible product management starting from product formulation, documented for each production stage. Using transparent communication, in terms of both method and structure, for the disclosure of product environmental impact through EPDs.