Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2017: RadiciGroup among the leaders of the VDI International Congress

The Group’s experience at the service of the new frontiers of automotive sector: focus on metal replacement and innovative calculation systems

Performance Plastics
RadiciGroup Performance Plastics, the Group’s Business Area specialised in the production of polyamide-based engineering plastics and other polymers, is among the leaders of the International Congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering 2017”, scheduled for the 29th and 30th of March in Mannheim (Germany). A presence which consists of a speech by Erico Spini - Europe Marketing Director of RadiciGroup Performance Plastics – along with Andrea Bernasconi – Professor of the Mechanics Department of the Politecnico di Milano - and an exhibition space demonstrating the Group’s innovative solutions for the automotive market: high performance products with optimal mechanical characteristics, able to help the automotive industry to reach its ambitious goals of reducing vehicles’ weight.
The event – organised by VDI, an important organisation with a wealth of experience in training engineers, technicians and managers and able to promote around 1550 events per year, including conferences, courses and seminars – is considered to be one of the most significant in the automotive sector: over 1,300 participants, 80 speakers and 100 exhibitors are the numbers that give life to these two days in which it is possible to share new ideas, information and projects aim to reduce automotive components’ weight designed for the internal and external parts of the vehicle, for sustainability and for reducing emissions.
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