Philanthropic marketing according to RadiciGroup

Community outreach, promotion of the individual, high cultural or social value: the Group’s operative words for all initiatives

In 2016, RadiciGroup allocated over EUR 560,000 for sponsorship and charitable contributions. The amount has increased with each passing year and is a tangible sign of the Group’s growing support of its stakeholders’ needs and expectations, in order to further improve relations with the local communities where RadiciGroup companies operate.

To provide transparent accessibility for a greater number of stakeholders, since 2016 the RadiciGroup corporate website has featured a sponsorship request page where applications for charitable contributions can be sent in directly. (
  • The Group has established the basic criteria for assessment of sponsorship requests, as follows:
  • The association making the application must belong to and have ties to the community where the Group company operates.
  • The applicant must be a non-profit organization or non-profit event.
  • Commitment to the promotion of the individual and support for hardship cases.
  • High cultural or social value of the initiative.

From the beginning of 2016 up to June 2017, more than 120 sponsorship applications were entered into the system, the majority of which were for sport, cultural and art events. About two-thirds of the requests have been accepted by the Group.

Family, work, sport, and solidarity have always been the key words in my family,” Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup, pointed out. “This is why, in our work environment, we are committed to bringing the same set of values to our business activities. This is the only way we can keep growing together with all our stakeholders.

More detailed information will soon be available in our 2016 Sustainability Report, to be published at the beginning of October in the Sustainability section of the RadiciGroup website.