Performance and customization: the key RADIGREEN® features take centre stage at FSB 2015.

From tomorrow to 30 October 2015, RadiciGroup’s ancestral company Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA (TPR) is once again at FSB, the international fair for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities, in Cologne, Germany, where it is showcasing the RADIGREEN® range of polyamide and polyolefin artificial grass yarn.

High performance, maximum freedom of customization, and safety. These are the distinctive RADIGREEN® features that RadiciGroup is focusing on at FSB 2015. The RADIGREEN® yarn range is developed to best meet customer needs and is thus the ideal choice for any use within their scope of application.
RADIGREEN® for Landscaping…
In the case of landscaping applications – artificial grass for either outdoor and indoor use, residential or commercial installations, fair areas or special design projects –, choosing yarn from the RADIGREEN® product range means choosing the utmost level of creativity, innovation, customization and production flexibility, safety.
Quality and safety first… Tessiture Pietro Radici has spared no efforts or resources in the field of safety, particularly to reduce the content of lead and other heavy metals in the pigments used for its yarns.  Today, Tessiture Pietro Radici has embarked on another important project on the same front: certifying its yarn in accordance with the protocol recently introduced by the European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO) to assist in assessing the level of quality and safety of synthetic turf landscaping carpets for outdoor use (see related document SYNTHETIC TURF LANDSCAPING FLOOR COVERINGS FOR OUTDOOR USE - ESTO QUALITY CLASSIFICATION).
“The ESTO Landscape Quality Classification,” said Marianna Panico, R&D manager of Tessiture Pietro Radici, “provides guidance in assessing the level of quality of synthetic landscaping products, by establishing criteria and methods for measuring characteristics such as the UV resistance of the materials, minimum discoloration, resilience and heavy metal content. This tool will allow for assessing the quality and safety of landscaping turf by putting these two characteristics on the same footing as appearance and feel in the scale of importance.”
“Developing high-quality, safe products is in the DNA of our company,” Ms. Panico continued. ”Our yarn, not only for sport applications but also landscaping, has always been made using certified raw materials. Thus, we are ready for this new challenge, so to speak, launched by ESTO – of which Tessiture Pietro Radici is a founding member. We are planning to wrap up the certification process by the end of 2016.”

RADIGREEN® for Sport…
In developing yarn for synthetic turf pitches and fields in the sport sector – football, tennis, golf, hockey, 5-a–side football, American football, rugby –, RadiciGroup’s objective is to fulfil the primary requirement of these applications: to develop fibres that last over time, keeping the technical characteristics of the turf unchanged for the longest time possible and preventing degradation caused by the sun’s radiation. 
In the PRESS RELEASE you can find other feathers in RadiciGroup’s cap for the sport sector, i.e. the new RADIGREEN® MFL PE UFO monofilament. Discover also more details on the Landscape product range.