Perfomance Days, the digital edition is on the way

RadiciGroup presents its sustainable yarns


A digital version for Perfomance Days: the trade show devoted to trends and innovations in yarns, fabrics and accessories which was to take place these days in Munich is now planned through the platform.

RadiciGroup presents its offer of yarns with reduced environmental impact for the sportswear, athleisure. healthcare and safety markets, increasingly striving for solutions able to guarantee sustainability.

"In a period like the one we’re experiencing - says Marco De Silvestri, Marketing & Sales Manager - Apparel and Technical of the RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area - we want to focus even more on promoting our sustainable offer, aware that the market’s attention goes this direction. Today we are able to offer solutions that combine performance (which is essential) and attention to the environment, with sustainability figures certifying the reliability of our made-in-Europe products. Traceability of the supply chain, transparency, recyclability are the key words on which our offer is based, which aims to make the Group's sustainability strategy concrete».

Renycle® is recycled nylon 6, a highly valued material because of its excellent resistance, dyeability, softness and versatility. Through recovery and recycling, production scrap is converted into polymers and then into yarn endowed with excellent performance characteristics suitable for apparel and other textile applications. With a reduced environmental impact: actually, according to the first internal measurements, Renycle® polymer saves more than 87% of energy and 90% of water, while achieving comparable performance in terms of quality as its virgin counterpart. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced by almost 90%.

Repetable® is a yarn obtained from post-consumer recycled PET bottles, with optimal performance and multiple possibilities as for additives, dyeings and treatments. This is the ideal solution for the apparel, sport and fashion industries because Repetable® allows an energy saving of 60%, brings about 45% lower CO2 emissions and its production process involves a water saving of 90%.

"Performance Days - concludes De Silvestri - is an opportunity to confirm that producers of raw materials, upstream in the supply chain, are ready with a certified offer as for sustainability. Recyclability, eco-design, compatibility of materials are the essential drivers for a truly sustainable European textile industry».


For further information (video):

RadiciGroup Sustainable Products with Maria Teresa Betti, Sustainability Team at RadiciGroup


RadiciGroup Sustainable Textile with Marco De Silvestri, Sales & Marketing Officer at RadiciGroup


RadiciGroup Renycle with Filippo Bona R&D and Technical Service Manager at RadiciGroup


RadiciGroup Repetable with Loris Maestri,, R&D Team at RadiciGroup