PEF Statement of Compliance issued to Radici Novacips SpA for the Radilon® A RV 300 product range

RadiciGroup continues to implement its sustainability work plan. Following the achievements of Radici Chimica SpA, a RadiciGroup Italian chemical production company, Radici Novacips SpA, head company of RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area, has tested the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) methodology...

... To calculate the environmental footprint of its Radilon® A RV 300 range of polyamide 6.6 engineering plastics.
RadiciGroup has thus taken another important step towards its goal of rigorously measuring the environmental impact of its products.

“For an industrial Group such as ours, which occupies a prominent position in the European chemical industry and is determined to stay in Europe,” said Luigi Gerolla, managing director of the RadiciGroup Chemicals and Plastics Business Areas, “investing in sustainable innovation also means collaborating concretely on current European experimental initiatives dealing with environmental issues. Today we are the only European industrial enterprise to experiment with calculating a PEF based on production chain Product Category Rules, which were defined by our Group and validated at the international level. These rules now serve as the international standard and model to be used by any company in the industry to measure the environmental impact performance of its products.”

The approach to sustainability envisioned by RadiciGroup provides for the coordinated use of advanced tools such as EPD and PEF, together with certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 and OSHAS 18001. What is more, sustainability for the Group also means measuring environmental, economic and social performance indicators in keeping with the GRI Guidelines. All these aspects together show that the Group is committed to being a leader in chemicals sustainability with a 360-degree perspective.

“After obtaining the PEF Statement of Compliance for our polymers and chemicals this past year,” said Stefano Alini, safety, quality and environment manager of Radici Chimica SpA, “testing the EPD-based PEF methodology for measuring the environmental impact of our engineering plastics was another important step forward for us. Now, our objective is to delve deeper into the issue of the applicability of this new European methodology, by bringing up and stressing the importance of establishing a correlation between the impact category for a given product and its application performance. ”
“Our customers and partners’ attention to environmental issues has changed a lot during the last few years; it has evolved,” said Cesare Clausi, Europe business manager of the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area. “Today, our target markets demand materials with maximum performance and minimal environmental impact, and the trend is likely to grow. This is now the area we are focusing on, following a scientific, objective and verifiable approach.”