Passion for science: the BergamoScienza festival starts today

Do not just look, but look with eyes that want to see, eyes that believe in what they see.

This evocative quote from Galilelo Galilei, the great Italian scientist, was chosen as the motto of this year’s BergamoScienza, the science festival of international standing that opens today and will be the centre of attention in the province of Bergamo until 19 October.

The programme of this year’s festival, co-sponsored by RadiciGroup, features more than 170 events, including conferences, shows, concerts, workshops, exhibits and meetings with Nobel Prize winners and scientists of international repute. The main objective is to popularize science, even complex topics, with simple presentations that are accessible to everyone. The range of fields covered at the various events is impressive: medicine, biology, philosophy, neuroscience, chemistry, archaeology, sociology, natural sciences, robotics, information technology, mathematics, physics, astrophysics, engineering and architecture.

Among the prestigious scientists invited to BergamoScienza XII are two winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine: the South African molecular biologist Sydney Brenner, who is the guest of honour at the inaugural day event held at the Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, and the American biologist and biochemist Michael S. Brown.

Science becomes a show… The science festival also features a series of concerts by renowned artists called Contaminazioni Contemporanee [Contemporary Contaminations]. One of these events is dedicated to the memory of Gianni Radici, founder of RadiciGroup: a concert on 19 October at the Teatro Creberg, starring the AVISHAI COHEN NEW TRIO, an eclectic jazz ensemble that is going to play Middle-Eastern, Afro-American and Eastern-European rhythms and melodies. The trio is made up of Avishai Cohen (double bass), Nitai Hershkovits (piano) and Daniel Dor (drums).
Furthermore, as part of the BergamoScienza programme, RadiciGroup is organizing guided visits and workshops for elementary, middle and high schools students, in remembrance of Mr. Radici, “Cavaliere del Lavoro”. (Mr. Radici was the recipient of the Cavaliere del Lavoro, the highest honour for special merit conferred on entrepreneurs by the President of Italy.) The guided visits and workshops on the theme “THE POLYAMIDE CHALLENGE: TRADITIONS AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY” are taking place at three of the Group production companies in the province of Bergamo: Radici Novacips SpA, Radici Yarn SpA and RadiciFil SpA.