“Ocjo”: RadiciGroup puts safety on stage

A performance event to promote safety awareness among employees in their working and living environment

Bruzio Bisignano during the event
"Ocjo…La sicurezza è di scena" [Watch out… Safety is on stage]
As part of the safety awareness training for RadiciGroup employees, a special event was held to develop a safety culture at work, as well as in private life. This morning the show  “Ocjo…La sicurezza è di scena[Watch out… Safety is on stage] was performed at Campus Educa (one of the Group’s major partners on safety training matters). The format of the production was created about ten years ago by Flavio Frigè – a disabled worker – and Bruzio Bisignano – an accident prevention instructor – to raise the awareness of students and workers on accident prevention.

“Ocjo…La sicurezza è di scena” is a travelling show performed mainly at schools and factories, with the goal of increasing awareness of safety issues, both in the workplace and in everyday life.
Angelo Radici signs the formal agreement
‘RadiciGroup for Safety’ campaign
In May 2016, we re-launched the ‘RadiciGroup for Safety’ campaign, consisting of various safety training courses attended by 330 employees,” said Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup. “In little more than a year, managers and supervisors at the Group’s Italian sites participated in a total of almost 8,000 hours of activities in class and in the field. I am convinced that, if we cascade training to all employee levels, by working together on the ‘roots’ of safety culture, continuous further improvement is possible.