Maccaferri Industrial Group and RadiciGroup Team up on the LIFE-Inno.Pro.Wire Project

LIFE-Inno.Pro.Wire, a sustainable innovation challenge. This all-Italian pilot project, stemming from a partnership between two major Italian industrial multinationals, Maccaferri Industrial Group and RadiciGroup, has been awarded financial support for a period of 3 years by the European Commission’s LIFE+ programme, the European financial Instrument for the environment.

The LIFE-Inno.Pro.Wire project aims to design an innovative process with lower environmental impact for producing extruded steel wire to be used in making metal net protection and containment structures. The sustainability aspect of the project is the use of polyamide 6 (PA6 engineering plastics from the RADILON® range) as a viable alternative to PVC for coating the steel wire.

“The call for proposals by the European Union,” said Claudio Colibri, corporate R&D manager of Officine Maccaferri, “provides an exciting opportunity for companies interested in developing industrial proposals for strategic sectors such as the environment, biodiversity, environmental policies and governance, information and communications. Over the years, RadiciGroup, Officine Maccaferri SpA and SAMP SpA have made environmental sustainability the fundamental development criterion. These companies are going to collaborate by leveraging the strong synergies among their various R&D departments to achieve the ambitious goal of developing a solution with lower environmental impact.”
Cesare Clausi, Europe business manager of the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area, expressed great satisfaction for the collaboration with Maccaferri: ”We are proud to be a partner in the LIFE-Inno.Pro.Wire project. The contribution we can make to this project is defined by the approach we take and the competence of our Group on the sustainability front. Our system, which is set up for the internal management of product environmental declarations and for which we have recently obtained EPD Process Certification, and our recent trial testing of PEF methodology allow us to measure the environmental impact of our polyamide in a rigorous manner. This enables us to provide information based on scientifically verifiable and comparable data for the LIFE-Inno.Pro.Wire project as well. Environmental impact and performance are variables that we take into account starting from the initial development stage of our polyamides.”