Let’s discover RadiciGroup AutoInsight, the new digital tool for navigating the car in 3D

The Group's materials drive the future of mobility


It is called RadiciGroup AutoInsight and it is the new RadiciGroup tool for navigating the car in 3D mode, with particular attention to the numerous components made from the Group's safe, innovative and sustainable materials.

RadiciGroup is a key player in the automotive sector, with a global presence close to the most important OEMs, serving a fast-moving market. The Group's offering is wide: from engineering polymers for high-performance components to synthetic fibres and nonwovens for textile coverings, with particular attention to vehicle safety.

Thanks to this new intuitive tool, all users can have a clear and immediate map of the main applications of RadiciGroup products in the car, with particular emphasis in this first phase on e-mobility.

RadiciGroup specialists and the developers of the tool (TXT Group XR Line of business) are already working on its further advancement, to make it even more complete in terms of products, solutions and applications.

The tool can be used from PC, tablet and mobile: it allows you to have a description of the materials at a glance, to save your favourite products, to download the relevant product sheets. It is a cutting-edge digital tool suitable for every visitor profile because it allows "free" levels of in-depth analysis depending on everyone's interests and skills.

Maybe it is easier to use it than to explain it: click here and discover “RadiciGroup AutoInsight, Navigating Materials, Driving Innovation”.