Laura Curino, special guest of RadiciGroup, narrates the story of Olivetti’s industrial dream

On Friday, 16 January, at the Circolo Fratellanza Theatre in Casnigo (BG), Laura Curino, one of the most influential performers of Italian social theatre, shared her personal narrative on the birth of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti’s industrial dream.

The performance was organized by RadiciGroup as one of the closing day events of the fourth annual RADICIGROUP ACADEMY, a training programme that has been attended by a total of about 200 RadiciGroup employees since its founding in 2011.

The RadiciGroup Academy is an educational initiative launched by RadiciGroup in 2011, which over the years has involved the participation of newly hired young college graduates, as well as middle and top managers from Group companies.

In the afternoon of its closing day, the fourth RadiciGroup Academy concluded with a truly special educational event full of emotion and passion: a performance by Laura Curino at the old Circolo Fratellanza Theatre in Casnigo, Bergamo. The Turin actress, director and playwright presented her exceptional narrative on the great industrial history of Olivetti. RadiciGroup asked Ms. Curino to give her “testimony” precisely to be able to watch and listen to Olivetti’s great story of entrepreneurship, community, innovation and vision – a story with strong similarities to its own. RadiciGroup’s history of over 70 years has been marked by commitment and effort to balance social and entrepreneurial values such as family and business, tradition and innovation, passion and humanity, local communities and globalization. All these values of the Group’s founder, Gianni Radici, have been adopted and upheld by his sons who have carried on his legacy and continued to run the family business.

  • An educational initiative launched by the Group in 2011, which over the years has involved the participation of newly hired young college graduates, and middle and top managers from RadiciGroup companies.
  • A programme designed by Group Human Resources with the assistance of Accapieerre, a strategic consultancy company specialized in managerial training. The classroom sessions have been conducted by Dale Carnegie, a prestigious American company and leader in on-site behavioural training courses.
  • An example of how the Group is committed to employee training as a fundamental tool for growth – an absolute priority, especially in these current difficult economic times.
  • A project for managerial growth, designed to help each employee give the best he/she can in his/her position, at all levels. The range of topics covered has included: engagement, leadership, sales techniques, high impact presentation and purchasing policies.