“Glimpses” sustainability video-clips.

RadiciGroup uses video storytelling to present some key themes of its Sustainability Report 2015

Since its founding, RadiciGroup’s distinctive characteristics have always been the valorization of people, passion for work, care for the communities where its companies are based and optimization of resources. For twelve years, RadiciGroup has reported on its industrial businesses with data and results on its economic, social and environmental sustainability. And this year, to be even more efficient in communicating the goals it has reached and more transparent in pointing out its new ambitious objectives concerning sustainable development, RadiciGroup has taken advantage of the power of video. In addition to a video message from President Angelo Radici shown at the official presentation of Sustainability Report 2015, three video clips called Glimpses were created. The latter videos deal with three themes explained more in depth in the Sustainability Report (sustainable supply chain, use of water resources and parent company ISO 9001:2015 certification) and are aimed at illustrating RadiciGroup’s strategies for sustainability: concrete action and measurable results. The concept and realization of the “Glimpses” clips were the work of the firm Exposure Architects, based on an idea of architect Oliviero Godi, who chose to make the videos in black and white: “The black-and-white format helps viewers concentrate on the contents, the people and natural resources making up the surroundings in which RadiciGroup works. And this environment is what the Group is determined to preserve, so that it can continue to operate sustainably in harmony with the local communities”.