“From Earth to Earth”: RadiciGroup’s roadmap to a sustainable future

The new plan defines goals and concrete actions in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas to foster value creation for all stakeholders and put new sustainability regulatory requirements at the centre of attention


An ambitious project, designed to enhance RadiciGroup's transparency and commitment to develop a responsible business along its entire value chain from an economic, social and environmental perspective and focus on the ever more widespread and stringent sustainability regulatory requirements. These are the features and goals of the Sustainability Plan presented by the Group and called "From Earth to Earth", precisely to emphasize the intent to focus on the Earth and future generations.


The plan is part of a broader strategy: RadiciGroup has long been involved in numerous environmental and social issues and is increasingly structuring its governance according to ESG principles, as also evidenced by the results highlighted in its annual Sustainability Report, which will mark its 20th edition this year.


In the context of a complex and constantly changing scenario, the Group has therefore decided to capitalize on the goals achieved and look beyond them with a plan defining the medium-term targets and the actions to be taken to fulfil them and covering all areas considered to be "material”, i.e., relevant from the point of view of ESG and financial risks, opportunities and impacts. Indeed, the ultimate goal of "From Earth to Earth" is to support business continuity and the growth of the company and all its stakeholders.

“This plan represents a further important step forward in the sustainability journey that RadiciGroup embarked on many years ago. Besides making us more resilient and competitive, it embodies the ethical commitment we made long before others did,” commented Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup. “We have set forth tangible and measurable goals for our business: the challenge now is to work together with the stakeholders involved to realize the stated goals and demonstrate our credibility to all our stakeholders.”

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