FEIPLASTIC: the latest showcase for RadiciGroup Plastics specialities.

The Brazilian event is the third showcase of international scope this year for RadiciGroup PA, PBT, TPE and POM engineering plastics. After PlastIndia and NPE, the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area – whose Radici Plastics Ltda production site has been operating in Brazil since 1997 – is exhibiting its products at FEIPLASTIC, the main trade fair in South America for the plastics industry.

The 2015 edition of the biennial FEIPLASTIC event is taking place in the Anhembi exhibition centre, where 70,000 visitors and 1,400 Brazilian and international exhibitors are expected to participate (in 2013 there were more than 69,000 visitors and 1,402 exhibitors).

As at the two previous trade shows this year, RadiciGroup is focusing on its RADILON® enhanced heat-resistant specialities – from traditional HHR to new RADILON® XTreme –, the RADISTRONG® long-fibre reinforced PA6 and PA6.6 specialities, and the RADILON® D and RADILON® DT nylon 6.10 and 6.12 polyamides. Ample space is also being given to the range of extrusion products, from conventional nylon engineering plastics to specialities, thermoplastic elastomers and acetal colpolymers.

“At FEIPLASTIC we are focusing on the high performance products that are the pride of our Group,” said Jane Campos, CEO of Radici Plastics Ltda. “These are the products the Group has invested in and will continue to invest in heavily, because they are the key to reaching the markets where applications with stronger technical content predominate. These new specialities ensure decidedly better performance than conventional polyamides. I’m talking about greater impact strength and greater resistance to higher temperatures of up to 230° C, for instance. Not to mention enhanced creep and fatigue resistance, and greater mechanical resistance and stiffness at high temperatures.”

“Currently, Brazil is going through difficult economic and political times,” Ms. Campos continued. ”There is great uncertainty for the future. This is why loyalizing and maintaining good relationships with our customers is crucial for us. We must work hard, adjusting our strategies to the local scenario, but without ever losing sight of our objectives: to innovate and – step by step – acquire market share in South America, which still is vastly unexplored territory for a good part of the polymer manufacturers, and to continue strengthening the support and assistance given to our customers. The South American market makes up about 10% of the total sales revenues of the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area. Taking into account the size of the engineering plastics sector in South America, the 10% figure shows just how significant a market share we hold in this geographical region.”