Fashion design shaped by the choice of materials

RadiciGroup partners with the Politecnico di Milano to organize a “Sportswear Design” workshop course for the Master’s Programme “Design for the Fashion System”

In Milan, a “Sportswear Design” workshop course, organized as part of the Master’s Programme in “Design for the Fashion System” has recently started at the technical university Politecnico di Milano. The initiative is supported by RadiciGroup, an industrial multinational engaged in the production of numerous materials used by the technical and sports apparel industries, among others.


The workshop, conducted in English, runs from September to December 2017 and is attended by about forty international students who are focusing on the design and development of garments with innovative shapes, materials and styles, specifically intended for the sportswear sector.


“For many years now, synthetic fibres have played a fundamental role in a variety of applications:  high-end intimatewear, innerwear as outerwear and sportswear; automotive, furnishings, and many other industrial uses,” said Marco De Silvestri, marketing manager of the RadiciGroup Comfort Fibres Business Area. The intrinsic versatility of synthetic fibres is the very reason why they have become fundamental allies in creating innovative solutions in a field that cannot ignore the knowledge of materials. 

Polyamide and polyester – each having its own distinctive characteristics, to be covered during the workshop – ensure very high aesthetic and functional performance. RadiciGroup, with its vertically integrated production (from chemicals to polymers and textile yarn), has the know-how and capability to adapt fibre properties in step with the rapid changes in trends and needs of the highly competitive textiles market, which is always trying to set the bar higher to achieve new goals. “It is important for these students, our future designers,” Mr De Silvestri continued, “to learn how to design by combining the desired goal with the characteristics of the raw materials and the required innovative content. Knowledge of raw materials and the ability to maximize their utility must become an integral part of a modern designer’s background.” 



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