European JA CHRODIS on health promotion study visit to Lombardy Workplace Health Promotion Network

RadiciGroup – testimony to the Lombardy WHP Network. Today is the start of a two-day series of events, 23 and 24 June at Palazzo Lombardia in Milan, organized by the Region of Lombardy in collaboration with the JA-CHRODIS partnership (Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle) and the Lombardy WHP Network.

Taking place today and tomorrow, 23 and 24 June, in Bergamo and Milan, Italy, is a two-day series of meetings and discussions on health promotion in the workplace revolving around the study visit of JA‑CHRODIS, a European partnership dedicated to Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle. Part of what JA‑CHRODIS does is to define good practices in the field of health promotion, chronic disease prevention and industry.
JA-CHRODIS has identified the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) programme as one of the examples of good practices at the European level. This programme aimed at raising company awareness of worker health and well-being and the need to invest in that area was originally launched by Bergamo ATS and Confindustria Bergamo, but has since spread and gained firm ground nationwide. 

The Italian industrial multinational RadiciGroup joined the WHP initiative in 2015, and, during the two-day conference organized by the Region of Lombardy and JA-CHRODIS, is presenting its experiences with the WHP programme.


“We are proud to have been chosen as a testament to the Lombardy WHP network for this special occasion,” said Enio Gualandris, human resources manager of RadiciGroup, “and to have been given the opportunity to tell about our direct experience with the Workplace Health Promotion programme. We joined the WHP initiative in 2015, based on our firm belief that companies can play an active role in the promotion of employee health. As of today, three of our companies are engaged in the programme, making a commitment to promote good practices in their respective workplaces in the areas of healthy nutrition, physical activity, and personal and social wellbeing. Our assessment of the results is positive, but we are only at the beginning of this awareness-raising project. We are also planning to gradually extend the initiative to other companies in our Group and to achieve complete coverage of all WHP programme areas of intervention.”


RadiciGroup companies currently enaged in the WHP project: Radici Partecipazioni SpA, Group parent company; Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA, ancestral RadiciGroup company – which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year – engaged in the production of artificial grass yarn and nonwovens; and Geoenergie, engaged in the production of energy. A variety of WHP activites has been organized at these companies: providing food for healthy eating (fresh fruit every Monday morning, healthy snacks in vending machines, light menus for lunch at the company canteen or for coffee breaks, etc.), promoting sport events (snowshoeing, iceskating, and nature walking), and moments of togetherness, such as the recent Group visit to Christo’s  marvellous “Floating Piers” installation on nearby Lake Iseo.