Environmental Product Declaration for Radifloor® products

From now on, Radifloor® will also stand for reliable, verifiable and comparable data on the product environmental footprint, which will mean that customers can make a choice with total knowledge of the environmental impact.

Indeed, Radici Fil SpA - a RadiciGroup company with over 50 years of experience in the field - has published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its whole range of PA6.6 and PA6 BCF yarn (raw, solution-dyed, twisted and heat-set).

“We have achieved an important result,” commented Arturo Andreoni, marketing manager of Radici Fil SpA. “The EPD is yet another step in our concrete commitment to achieving sustainability. It will allow us to provide the market and our customers with information on our yarns’ environmental impact that is based on scientific, verifiable and comparable data. We have analysed the production cycle of our Radifloor® products and measured their environmental impact by taking as a starting point not only the upstream production process, i.e., the production of the polymer 6 and 6,6 used to spin our yarn, but also the extraction of the raw materials needed to produce the polyamide polymers. We have included all downstream yarn processing and manufacturing stages up to the exit of the yarn through our factory gate. We have applied what in the trade is called a cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).“

The Radifloor® EPD complies to the ISO14025 standard on environmental declarations and is drawn up according to the guidelines of the International EPD System, one of the most qualified environmental declaration programmes. For construction materials (European standard EN 15804), the International EPD system has specific guidelines with internationally recognized Product Category Rules (PCRs).