E-mobility: RadiciGroup’s latest innovations at the webinar with UL Prospector

A new video to show the Group's materials and solutions

RadiciGroup offers a broad portfolio of specialty polyamides and innovative solutions for e-mobility, focusing on high performance, safety and environmental sustainability.

This will be discussed during the webinar "Key trends in E-mobility" scheduled for June 9th 2021 and organised in cooperation with UL Prospector. RadiciGroup is ready to face new challenges and opportunities created by the electric mobility sector with an excellent range of high-performance materials.

Through its High Performance Polymers division, RadiciGroup supports the automotive and transportation industries in the development of advanced solutions respectful of the environment and safety standards. RadiciGroup’s products are used, for example, in many components of the battery system, such as housing for electronic parts, module covers, spacers, frames, battery holder.
They can also be used in power electronic systems (inverters, converters), where flame retardancy is required, which means electrical insulation and retention of properties after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Another important application is in recharging infrastructures, which will play a decisive role in advancing transport electrification.
“During the webinar, we will take an in-depth look at the peculiarities of our product range and the flexibility that our vertically integrated Group in the polyamide production chain can offer its customers," said Erico Spini, Global Marketing Manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. "We have also produced a new video dedicated to the main applications of RadiciGroup materials in the electric car industry. The aim of the video is to illustrate through images the variety and complexity of the uses for which our products are intended".



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