DORIX® and RADILON®: why choose staple fibre by RadiciGroup.

In Hannover RadiciGroup is showcasing DORIX® and RADILON®, a wide and complete range of staple fibre products ideal for use in numerous textile applications, particularly in the contract sector. In the textile floor covering industry – especially the manufacture of carpet and needlefelt tiles for high-performance applications, where colourfastness and wear resistance are required –, choosing DORIX® and RADILON® staple fibre means ensuring optimal performance, quality, production flexibility, customizability and, last but not least, sustainability.

“Our offering includes both raw and solution-dyed conventional polyamide 6 staple products, as well as more innovative products made from materials of biological origin, such as DORIX® 6.10,” said Daniele Zanoletti, sales manager of Radici Yarn and Radici Chemiefaser. “The bio-polyamides feature the perfect combination of technical and environmental performance, which is increasingly valued and appreciated by not only the textile sector.” 
“Our good end-of-year results for 2015,” Mr. Zanoletti continued, “reflect the fact that our customers value our work over these last few years directed at strengthening our position in the contract market. Our hallmarks, which we will continue to build on in the future by providing the needed resources  and investments, are production flexibility, the capability to produce highly customized products, the quality of our service, and the short lead-time between order and delivery. Above all, our customers know that they have a reliable partner they can count on, a supplier that is part of a solid industrial Group with a fully vertically integrated polyamide value chain, thus guaranteeing supply continuity.”
What added value does RadiciGroup staple fibre provide? The quality of the products and services delivered to customers. But there is more. Choosing RadiciGroup means benefiting from a long-established body of knowledge and skills in its polyamide production chain, independently controlled by the Group from upstream (polymer development and production) to downstream (production of engineering plastics, synthetic fibres and nonwovens).
“In 2016, definitely a very important year for us, we are launching a more complete range of innovative products, mainly – but not only – in the contract market,” noted Filippo Bona, R&D manager of Radici Yarn. “Most notably, sustainable yarn and staple fibre, products that have received increasing interest from our stakeholders. Bio-polyamides that will allow our customers to manufacture 100% polyamide tiles with low environmental impact for the contract sector.”
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