Design with plastics, the talk of the 19th Plastics Congress.

Advanced polymers, engineering plastics and technologies at the service of design. This is the headliner topic of the Plastics Congress to be held in Como, Italy, this coming 14 November. Erico Spini, director of Marketing&Application Development for the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area, will be speaking at the event.

In his talk "Special materials and innovative design engineering: a vital combination in metal replacement", Mr. Spini will present the latest RadiciGroup innovations in the field of metal replacement specialities.

“In our presentation,“ Mr. Spini said, “we are going to discuss the tools used to compare metal and plastic alternatives with equal performance, starting from the preliminary design stage. We will also be focusing on an interesting new criterion that can be used to choose among different possible formulations. This criterion is based on the thorough measurement of environmental impact using a series of “eco-indicators” so as to arrive at the best solution offering the smallest environmental footprint. We will also be talking about advancements in structural mechanics computations that provide a more accurate analysis of the stress and deformation states of the component, leading to further savings in weight and costs.”

Ms. Nicoletta Boniardi, journalist, and Mr. Alan Catturini will serve as moderators, and numerous operators in the plastics field will be joining in the discussions on innovative production processes, furniture and furnishings design, plastics versatility in new automotive applications, thermoplastic microspheres and much more. The success of plastics design is growing and is not only limited to furnishings, but also extends to the construction, transport, household appliance, electrical and mechanical industries. The latest innovations in plastic design in all those sectors have made it possible to replace metal components with plastic ones featuring good appearance, quality and lightness and offering the benefit of fewer assembly operations and lower costs.

The 19th Plastics Congress, sponsored in part by RadiciGroup, is supported by the Associazione Italiana Tecnici Materie Plastiche (TMP) [Italian Association of Plastics Engineers] and by Proplast.