Circularity in fashion: the vision of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

RadiciGroup contributes to the formulation of EMF guidelines for reducing waste in the textile and garment industry


RadiciGroup, since 2018 a partner of the “Make Fashion Circular” initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, has recently participated to the formulation of the Foundation’s  guidelines for circularity in fashion. These guidelines are specifically aimed at actively contributing to reducing waste in the textile and garment industry.

These guidelines have to be implemented without delay, especially considering data reported by the EMF: every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. An estimated USD 500 billion value is lost every year due to clothing being barely worn and rarely recycled.

The new “Vision of a Circular Economy for fashion” is based on the belief that it is necessary to work, all together, for scaling-up profitable business models that allow to rent, resell or recycle clothes more easily. This is why the vision is based on detailed research and inputs from around 100 organisations including fabric mills, garment manufacturers, brands, retailers, collectors, sorters, recyclers, academics, international institutions, and NGOs.

The milestones of the vision are three: garments have to be used more, made to be made again, made from safe and recycled or renewable inputs.

RadiciGroup, a manufacturer of polyamide, polyester and acrylic yarn, is among the contributors of the Ellen MacArthur’s vision, to which it made available its long-standing know-how in the formulation of textile solutions able to achieve real circular economy.

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