Chemistry you never would have imagined

Today “La Chimica che non ti immagini” [Chemistry you never would have imagined] is taking place in Novara. It is a one-day event dedicated to CHEMISTRY, a field of excellence of the Province of Novara.

The initiative, which is organized and promoted by the Novara IBIS Consortium for innovative bio-based sustainable products and processes [Polo di Innovazione della Chimica Sostenibile Ibis di Novara], has the objective of acquainting the general public with the complex and fascinating world of chemistry. During the day, the often little-known subject of chemistry will be explained in the context of everyday life, using simple and clear language.

The event is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session has an educational goal and is directed at the students of Novara middle schools. The activities start at 8.30 a.m. in the trading hall at Palazzo Borsa [stock exchange building], where companies, including Radici Chimica SpA, have set up information desks to present their activities. Additionally, at the Palazzo Borsa, FederChimica is co-sponsoring the presentation of a book by Sabina Colloredo: “Io ricordo. Se le molecole potessero parlare racconterebbero questa storia” [I Remember: the Story that Molecules Would Tell if They Could Talk].

In the evening, at 6:30 p.m., a promotional and educational event is being held in the meeting hall at Palazzo Borsa. It is a seminar/show entitled “Da Schubert a De Andrè: la chimica del piacere musicale” [From Schubert to De Andrè: the Chemistry of Musical Enjoyment] given by Luigi Dei, professor at the University of Florence, an expert in the chemistry and physics of nano-materials and their applications for the preservation of cultural heritage. Using easy-to-understand language, Professor Dei is going to talk on biochemistry and explain what occurs at the receptor/neurotransmitter level when we listen to music and how music is able to provoke primordial reactions in our bodies.