Cato & Vale on the Silk Road: Cato’s trip of solidarity for Emergency and ADMO

Countdown for Cato & Vale on the Silk Road. This coming Tuesday, April 7, is the kick-off for the cultural and charitable endeavour of Italian singer and song-writer Roberto Picinali, stage name Cato.

This international project, co-sponsored by RadiciGroup, is going to take the singer on a 15,000-km car trip along the Silk Road in about 35 days. His two-fold objective is to raise funds for Emergency and ADMO and to acquaint people across Europe and Asia with his music and his land of origin, historically linked to the textile industry.

The journey starts in Val Gandino, in the province of Bergamo, Italy – Picinali’s native land and a historic textile area – and then will cross Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. The last stage will end in Hong Kong, China, where the charitable organization Emergency has one of its many centres.

On his trip, Cato will be accompanied by the photographer, Valeria Melocchi. Together, they are going to report day by day in a spontaneous, unscripted manner and show images of life and humanity in the places they visit. Much the same way as Cato is going to sing his music on the road, free of any constraints. The venues, times and audiences will be chosen on the spot. Everything, or almost everything, will be decided at the moment. What will not be left to chance are Cato’s whacky personality and his pop-rock sound: he will surely captivate and engage the public everywhere.

On the artist’s site – – you can find the key information regarding Cato & Vale on the Silk Road. From the same site, you can directly access the donation pages of EMERGENCY and ADMO. Donating is easy. Please give your contribution and support the worthy causes of these two charitable organizations.