BSH honours RadiciGroup with Supplier Award

Once again, the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area has been recognized as one of the best suppliers by BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH.

The world’s third largest company in the home appliance sector has honoured RadiciGroup Plastics with the Supplier Award for quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation and price in the years 2010 and 2011.

BSH evaluated 2000 suppliers in 6 different categories: Best Global BSH Supplier, Electric-Electronics, Prematerials, Rubber Parts/ Packaging/Other, Plastic Parts and Metal Parts. Four companies were selected as Best Global BSH Suppliers and, from each of the 5 other categories, BSH chose the 3 Best Suppliers, for a total of 19.

Speaking during the official award ceremony held on 24 July in Munich, Winfried Seitz, CTO of BSH, emphasized the importance of innovation to BSH’s success and that qualified suppliers often collaborated on new developments. BSH CFO Johannes Närger congratulated the best suppliers, including RadiciGroup, on their excellent performance.
At the award ceremony, RadiciGroup Plastics was represented by Cesare Clausi, business manager for Europe, and Peter Kastl, sales manager for Bavaria.

“We are extremely satisfied with our second consecutive award from BSH,” stated Mr. Clausi. “Being recognized by a group like BSH is an achievement we are proud of. BSH is a model when it comes to the clarity of its goals and its determination to reach them, its capability to innovate in order to strengthen and promote its brands and its quality standards. And last but not least, its commitment to sustainability. In 2011, 28% of BSH’s total sales volume was made up of super efficient appliances.”

RadiciGroup Plastics was selected from over 300 Bosch suppliers in the Prematerials category for 2010-2011, because it was able to ensure continuous high quality, competence and efficiency in certifying new products, and integration and support during critical market periods.

In the picture:  the 19 award-winning suppliers with the presenters of their awards.

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