Award ceremony of "Eccellenze al lavoro" 2019

RadiciGroup Sustainability team recognized for work excellence by Confindustria Bergamo

On 7 June 2019, the Eccellenze al lavoro [Excellence at work] award ceremony promoted by Confindustria Bergamo, the chief manufacturing and service industries association in Bergamo, was held at the Fiera di Bergamo Exhibition and Trade Centre. The event celebrated the workers of member companies as models of excellence for their professionalism and dedication to work.


This year, the 52 award recipients included the RadiciGroup Sustainability team, which was represented by some Group employees who received the award on stage. In this year’s award ceremony, the 13th edition, recognition was given for the first time to work teams who were engaged in specific issues and distinguished by their talent, industriousness and capacity to innovate and share their knowledge and skills at work.


“During the year,” stressed Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup, “numerous representatives from the various corporate functions in all our business areas around the world collaborate in the search for solutions and the development of new processes and products aimed at constantly lowering the environmental impact of our production activities. Our objectives and achievements are documented in our annual Sustainability Report, the culmination of the intense collaborative work of over a hundred employees, who collect the relevant data from production sites and send it to the parent company. On the occasion of this award ceremony,” Mr. Radici continued, “some representatives, from each Group company operating in the province of Bergamo, were chosen as ambassadors for all the Group achievements in the fields of environmental protection, research, safety, resource sustainability, land and sea protection, and use of clean energy sources.”


For ten years, RadiciGroup has published its annual Sustainability Report in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, but Group reporting on social and environmental issues dates to 2003, when its first Social Report was published.