At NPE 2015 RadiciGroup is exhibiting its RADILON® and RADISTRONG® specialities and a broad range of extrusion products

Represented by its American subsidiary, Radici Plastics USA Inc., the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area – a world leading manufacturer of a wide range of nylon, PBT, TPE and POM engineering plastics – is returning to NPE, an international plastics trade show (Orlando, Florida, 23-27 March 2015).

For RadiciGroup, the US event will be a prestigious opportunity to present its product portfolio, with a particular emphasis on its RADILON® and RADISTRONG® nylon specialities: engineering plastics that combine high performance and a low environmental footprint. Focus on:

  • RADILON® enhanced heat resistance specialities, from the more traditional HHR nylon 6.6 engineering polymers, featuring excellent high-heat ageing resistance at air temperatures of up to 210° C, to the new RADILON® XTreme line, high heat resistant nylon specialities developed for hot-air applications at continuous service temperatures of up to 230° C.
  • RADISTRONG® long-fibre reinforced PA6 and PA6.6 specialities, ideal for metal replacement applications.
  • RADILON® D, nylon 6.10 engineering plastics, made from PA6.10, a bio-polymer obtained from sebacic acid (64% by weight).  Radilon® Ds ensure not only a high level of sustainability, but also excellent performance. Indeed, RadiciGroup PA6.10s have a smaller environmental footprint and, at the same time,  a higher chemical resistance compared to conventional polyamides.
  • RADILON® DT, nylon 6.12 long-chain engineering plastics featuring good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance to zinc chloride.
At NPE 2015, the spotlight is also going to be on a broader and more complete extrusion product range – from traditional RADILON® nylon engineering plastics to RADILON® XTreme, RADILON® D and RADILON® DT specialities, HERAFLEX® thermoplastics elastomers and HERAFORM® acetal copolymers –  products that  are used to make bars and profiles, packaging film, laminates and monofilaments for the industrial and sport sectors.

RadiciGroup Press Conference
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 AT 10.30 AM - South Hall - STAND S23040. Erico Spini, marketing & application development director of RadiciGroup Plastics and Bryan Fox, marketing & application development manager of Radici Plastics USA Inc. are giving a talk entitled: Advances in Innovation.

South Hall - STAND S23040