RadiciGroup Plastics product brochures

The RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area produces a wide range of engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomers that are used in industries from automotive to electrical/electronics and furnishings.


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RadiciGroup Plastics is one of the most qualified manufacturers of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics. It is an international organization whose strengths are the independent management of its entire production chain – supported by full vertical integration starting from the raw materials produced by the Chemicals and Fibres Business Areas –, production flexibility and close attention to customer needs.

RADILON® POLYAMIDES | File: Available soon

Radici Plastics offers a wide range of PA-based engineering thermoplastics (PA6, PA6.6, co-polymers, PA6.10, PA6.12, special PA for high temperature resistant applications) for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding, suitable for applications in the automotive, furniture, electrical/electronic, and technical/industrial sectors along with consumers goods. Polyamide engineering plastics feature an excellent mix of superior mechanical, thermal and chemical properties and, what is more, great application versatility.

RADILON®HHR | File: Download (594Kb)

A range of flame-retardant PA6.6 polymers for injection and blow moulding, designed to resist continuous service temperatures much higher that those of conventional PA6.6. Radilon® High Heat Resistant (HHR) polyamides can be used to replace metals or speciality polymers in highly critical applications.

RADILON® D SUSTAINABLE PA6.10 | File: Download (698Kb)

A range of PA6.10 engineering polymers for injection moulding and extrusion made of 64% renewable source raw materials by weight.


FILM GRADE POLYAMIDES | File: Download (370Kb)

A range of polyamides specifically designed for film, flat sheet or blown film extrusion and intended for a variety of industries, primarily food packaging.

RADITER®B-RADIFLAM®B | File: Download (370Kb)

A range of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) engineering polymers for injection moulding, which combine excellent thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties with very good dimensional stability and low moisture absorption.
The Raditer® B product range also includes glass-fibre-reinforced grades and flame-retardant grades (Radiflam) UL 94-V0 rating.

HERAFORM | File: Download (159Kb)

A range of acetal (polyoxymethylenePOM) copolymer resins for injection moulding, featuring high stiffness and mechanical resistance, excellent dimensional stability, a low friction coefficient and excellent wear resistance.

HERAFLEX®E | File: Download (330Kb)

A range of TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomers for injection and blow moulding, featuring high elasticity and toughness; excellent resistance to creep, impact and fatigue; and high flexibility even at low temperatures.

HERAMID | File: Download (239Kb)

A range of post-industrial grade PA6 and PA6.6 engineering plastics produced with selected production rejects coming from RadiciGroup polymerization, spinning and compounding plants.


The Radici Plastics line of special PA66 products for the most critical automotive applications: radiator tanks, cooling hoses and thermostat housings.


A range of PA6.6 specialities for the most critical automotive applications: radiator end caps, cooling tubing and thermostat housings.