Radigreen®: the advantages of synthetic turf for landscaping.

Radigreen® polyamide and polyolefin artificial grass yarn from Tessiture Pietro Radici (TPR) is back once again at Domotex. TPR, an ancestral RadiciGroup company, is the only supplier in the world with a complete portfolio of nylon and polyolefin yarn for synthetic turf. Its products stand for quality, usage safety and high performance and have been developed to best meet customer expectations and requirements in any application sector: from landscaping (residential and commercial indoor and outdoor artificial grass) to sports (football pitches; golf greens; hockey, five-a-side football and rugby pitches; and American football fields).

At Domotex, the spotlight is on MY Radigreen®, an exclusive line of all-in-one combinations of straight and textured monofilaments specifically developed for residential and commercial synthetic turf. My Radigreen® (where “MY” stands for MULTI-YARN) is a range of exclusive products that gives turf makers maximum colour and production flexibility.


Here is short a list of the main benefits of using synthetic turf in residential and commercial buildings:

  • Water savings
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No pesticides
  • Ever-green lawn
  • Creative customization

RADIGREEN® FOR SPORTS … Domotex is also the showcase for Radigreen® HD PE, new range of fibrillated yarn, the combined result of the evolution of production technology and the use of high-performance polymers. Radigreen® HD PE is family of yarn for sports applications, designed to fulfil one of the primary requirements of this particular sector: a fibre that lasts over time while keeping the technical characteristics of the turf unchanged for the longest time possible and preventing degradation caused by the sun’s radiation.

For more information on all carpet yarn and staple products showcased by RadiciGroup at Domotex, please read the PRESS RELEASE