Dorix® 6.10 staple fibre: for sustainable development.

Again at centre stage at Domotex 2014: dorix® PA6.10, a staple fibre manufactured with polymer made of 64% natural materials derived from renewable resources.

This staple fibre ensures a high level of sustainability as well as excellent performance. dorix®’s technical characteristics and biological component make it an ideal product with excellent performance and reduced environmental impact. The latter has become a factor of increasing importance, the focus of particular attention by the textile product chain.

The base polymer for dorix® 6.10
The polymer used to produce dorix® 6.10 was developed and is produced by Radici Chimica SpA, a RadiciGroup chemical company based in Italy. RadiciGroup’s upstream vertical integration, its distinctive characteristic, ensures full control over the production of PA 6.6. Polymer 6.10 is competitive with other long carbon chain polyamides in terms of cost and performance.

All PA 6.10-based products, from textile yarn to staple and engineering plastics, benefit from the properties of this polyamide, which greatly improves their technical performance while reducing the environmental footprint of their applications, thanks to use of renewable source material.

Performance and sustainability: a winning combination to stay competitive in the market.

dorix® 6.10 characteristics 
Available in a vast range of colours and items, dorix® 6.10 is ideal for the contract textile floor coverings sector, particularly the manufacture of carpeting and needle-felt carpet tiles for high performance applications where colourfastness and resistance to wear and tear are a must.

For more information on all carpet yarn and staple products showcased by RadiciGroup at Domotex, please read the PRESS RELEASE