Additive Manufacturing

Radilon® Adline for 3D Printing

Filaments specifically designed to meet the needs of Additive Manufacturing technology.

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, with its innovative products RADILON® Adline, wants to meet the needs and challenges of Additive Manufacturing technology.


RADILON® ADLINE products feature high-performance properties and are suitable not only for prototyping, but also for production of functional parts.

Radilon® Adline Filaments are based on special Radilon® polyamide grades.


Specially developed low-warpage and high-dimensional-stability formulations guarantee the ease of printing with every Radilon® Adline grade, together with the semicrystalline nature of polyamide polymers. The products feature advanced properties such as mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance, thanks to our 40 years’ expertise in compounding.


RADILON® ADLINE CS PRODUCT RANGE is based on PA6/66 polymer; its low melting point of 195°C makes it suitable for most printers.

Radilon® Adline CS portfolio for Fused Filament Fabrication includes the following grades:


Radilon® Adline CS NAT – 750 g spool 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm diameter – is an easy printable polyamide 6/66 with low warpage, good surface aspect and ductile behaviour.


Radilon® Adline CS CF10 HP BK – 750 g spool 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm diameter –  is an easy printable polyamide 6/66 reinforced with 10% carbon fibers. Stiffness and high mechanical properties are key characteristics of this product, together with high dimensional stability and excellent surface aspect.


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Application examples - Courtesy of Ciano Shapes


RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers target is to develop advanced material solutions with additional attention to reducing their environmental impact.


New Radilon® Adline grades based on polyamide 6 and bio-based polyamides are currently under development at RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers.

Specifically, among the experimental grades under testing at RadiciGroup, two special grades are mentioned below:


  • Radilon® Adline MS CF10 BK is a polyamide 6 blend - 10% carbon fiber filled, black colour - experimental grade

Key features: high dimensional stability; chemical and thermal resistance; strength and stiffness; good impact resistance; high interlayer adhesion; lower water absorption compared to standard polyamide 6


  • Radilon® Adline D GF10 NAT is a polyamide 6.10 - 10% glass fiber filled - experimental grade

Key features: good dimensional stability; superior chemical resistance compared to PA6 and PA66; hydrolysis resistance; thermal resistance; low water absorption; 64% from renewable source polymer.


Partnership: we are looking for new partners for the distribution of Radilon® Adline filaments worldwide.

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