A dyed yarn with bacteriostatic properties achieved by through the release of silver ions incorporated into the fibre.

CornLeaf properties:
  • A new product made using Ingeo™ PLA biopolymer.
  • A solution-dyed yarn with bacteriostatic properties.
  • ISO 20743:2007-certified bacteriostatic properties.
  • Bacteriostatic effect achieved through the release of silver ions incorporated into the fibre.
  • A new-generation silver compound is used.
  • Available in a wide range of colours with high resistance to light and washing treatments.
  • Available as POY (partially oriented yarn); FDY (fully drawn yarn); texturized, twisted and taslan yarn; all bright lustres and semi-dull; and with a variety of yarn cross-section shapes, from round to trilobal.

CornLeaf yarn combines the advantages of natural and synthetic fibres:
  • Natural: corn-based polymer.
  • Biodegradable: 100%-compostable product.
  • Lightweight: Specific weight less than that of natural fibres.
  • Tenacity: Comparable to synthetic fibres.
  • Comfort: Greater hygroscopicity compared to synthetic yarns and faster drying than natural fibres.
  • Wearability: elastic recovery higher than 90% after 5% elongation.
  • UV-resistance: Excellent, because UV radiation is dissipated.
  • Safe: Low flammability (LOI > 26%); no toxic fumes.
  • Bacteriostatic: antimicrobial effect provided by the release of silver ions.

CornLeaf bacteriostatic functionality is obtained using HEIQ Materials. For more information, please visit the HEIQ site.