Radigreen® MFL

RADIGREEN® MFL is the product family recently developed by the TPR Research & Development team.

Radigreen® MFL PA

TPR - part of the RadiciGroup’s vertically integrated nylon production chain - for the development of this new polyamide monofilament can take advantage of the Group’s experience and know-how. Presently, TPR has three types of polyamide yarn on the market under the Radigreen® MFL PA brand name:

1) A very thin textured monofilament (500 den), tufted with a tight gauge to make hard resistant turf used mostly for golf courses, which require a carpet-like and very resistant surface.

2) A textured monofilament tufted together with straight yarn to form the so-called “thatch layer”. The great volume of the thatch layer allows you to reduce the infill needed for the synthetic layer.

3) Finally, a straight twisted monofilament used mainly for landscaping turf and indoor/outdoor flooring in the residential and hotel sectors. Special formulas have been developed and fine-tuned by our R&D team to reduce the polyamide friction factor and achieve the perfect balance between softness and resilience of the yarn.

Radigreen® MFL PE

Thanks to its natural look and to its increased resistance to wear and weather conditions over time, Radigreen® MFL PE is the best solution for all applications in sports surfaces and high range landscaping.

LOOK: Turf made of Radigreen® MFL PE invites you to play: it looks like natural grass in perfect conditions, without the maintenance costs required by natural grass. The double color versions reproduce the light and shadow effects of natural grass blades improving the aesthetic quality of your synthetic field.

FEELING: Radigreen® MFL PE feels soft and pleasant to touch just like real grass. Soft, yet longlasting, Radigreen® MFL PE yarns are skin-friendly and ensure excellent pile recovery.

EVERGREEN: Radigreen® MFL PE is a high-performance product that will last over time. Every RADIGREEN MFL PE product undergoes testing to ensure optimal resistance to wear and tear, weather conditions and UV rays over a long time.

Radigreen® MFL PP

Different manufacturing steps give the product different characteristics, according to the needs of final applications.

Texturization naturally curls the yarn making it suitable for mixed-structure carpets. Curled yarns actually recreate the infill effect between one straight blade and the other and they give the carpet the look of natural grass. For this reason textured yarn finds its main applications in the landscape sector.

Cabled or twisted yarns, on the other hand, are mainly developed for tennis or five-a-side football fields.