Radigreen® is the brand name for artificial grass yarn for sports and recreational surfaces, as well as for decorative and landscaping use.

Available in a wide range of product types and colours, Radigreen® artificial grass yarn provides superior performance while ensuring compliance with the strict international environmental protection standards regarding safety of use, disposal and recycling.

Our long term experience artificial grass industry and the research carried out by the Radigreen® R&D team in close collaboration with customers have allowed us to meet the increasingly specific demands of the very dynamic artficial grass sector.

Artificial grass by Radigreen

Synthetic grass for sports fields

  • Football
  • Multi-purpose fields
  • Rugby
  • Field hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Bowls

Radigreen Sports applicartions

Radigreen® Landscape Classic e Radigreen® Landscape Excellence

These are the product lines especially developed by our R&D team for commercial and residential applications. Available in a wide range of colors, Radigreen® Landscape Classic and Radigreen® Landscape Excellence provide superior performance ensuring compliance with international environmental and health protection standards.


Commercial landscaping

  • Hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping malls
  • Temporary installations, photo/film shooting sets
  • Exhibition stands and event locations
  • Offices, meeting rooms, company premises
  • Urban landscaping, city architecture and urban fittings (squares, water fountains)
  • Parks, bicycle lanes, city flower beds
  • University premises, school or kindergarten courtyards, playgrounds

Residential landscaping

  • Gardens and flower beds
  • Balconies, terraces and roof gardens
  • Swimming pool edges
  • Minigolf greens and recreation areas
  • Pet turf for domestic animals

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  Landscape graph