Radigreen® HD

Synthetic turf is nowadays very popular, especially for high-use sports fields.

As a consequence, it is extremely important to provide the market with the highest quality and most durable synthetic turfs at a competitive price. Fibrillated yarns are well known in the marketplace for their premium characteristics:

  • Faster tufting process
  • Easy to lay and maintain
  • Superior tufting lock
  • RADIGREEN® HD fibrillated yarns add Excellent durability proved by Lisport wear simulation tests

The application of new production technologies guarantees clear and accurate fibrillation, an essential prerequisite to avoid fiber splitting. RADIGREEN® HD PE is a fibrillated yarn able to withstand heavy wear by developing the unique properties of natural twisting. The spiral effect strenghtens the fiber during its life cycle, both in terms of resilience and resistance to splitting.

The crosslinked pattern in the unexposed side of the fiber holds infill in place and ensures an even playing surface, to give premium ball rolling and resilience performance over time.

HD Fibrilated yarn