Product range

Radigreen® is our brand name for artificial grass yarn.

Available in a wide range of product types and colours, Radigreen® provides superior performance while ensuring compliance with the strict international environmental protection standards regarding safety of use, disposal and recycling.

Tessiture Pietro Radici’s long experience in the artificial grass industry and the research carried out by the Radigreen® R&D team in close collaboration with our customers have allowed us to meet the increasingly specific demands of the very dynamic artificial grass sector.

We closely monitor and check each and every stage of the Radigreen® production cycle using up-to-date certified systems. All of our processes — extrusion and simultaneous colouring, additive enhancement, count control, stretching, fibrillation and heat-setting — contribute to the end result: a yarn which resists to wear and tear and to damaging UV rays. Thorough quality control of all downstream processes — twisting, curling and winding — ensures that the final product delivered to customers has been monitored all the way through the production process.